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We've built our company based on a commitment to quality products and excellent customer care, with a personalised service which delivers consistently high standards. Find out more »

M&K provide a complete service, from custom design and protoyping, to manufacture, installation and maintenance. Find out more »

Our experienced team of designers can always be relied upon come up with an effective solution to you material handling problems. Find out more »

From lightweight to heavy duty, M&K can work with a variety of materials to suit any application. Find out more »

Safety is paramount in any industry and our skilled craftsmen can provide you with a range of products to make your workplace safe and secure. Find out more »


M&K Services can produce a wide range of bespoke products to solve a wide variety storage problems in the industrial and commercial sectors. We can produce general purpose cabinets as well as more specialised products  for the storage of hazardous substances.

Some of the products we have been asked to produce include, cabinets, cloakroom equipment, clothes lockers, standard cupboards, hazardous cupboards, key cabinets, bins and containers, racking, shelving, storage racks, storage units and tool storage….

These Industrial cupboards are often made of heavy gauge steel for extra durability. The industrial cupboards come with options to accommodate extra shelves.

The cupboards which we produce for the commercial sector come fitted with secure locking systems with the exterior finished with powder coating.

Our team are available to offer assembly and installation, we strive to provide you with the best possible product; we are here to develop any ideas you may have, offering our professional opinion and advice. We also offer a wide range of finishes to compliment the final product, i.e. galvanising, wet painting and powder coating.

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