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We've built our company based on a commitment to quality products and excellent customer care, with a personalised service which delivers consistently high standards. Find out more »

M&K provide a complete service, from custom design and protoyping, to manufacture, installation and maintenance. Find out more »

Our experienced team of designers can always be relied upon come up with an effective solution to you material handling problems. Find out more »

From lightweight to heavy duty, M&K can work with a variety of materials to suit any application. Find out more »

Safety is paramount in any industry and our skilled craftsmen can provide you with a range of products to make your workplace safe and secure. Find out more »

Screens and Workstations

M&K Services can offer an excellent range of standard workstation configurations, however we understand that not every company works in the same way, therefore we can also design, manufacture, and install custom built workstations that have the potential to push your facility to the next level of efficiency. Our team creates high quality workstations to fit your requirements by adjusting material, size, finish and configuration to suit your facilities.As well as our in house facilities, our strong relationships with external suppliers who share our values can be relied upon to provide quality materials, by set deadlines, when materials other than steel or aluminium are required.

A bespoke workstation will increase productivity and help to inspire your staff. Manually or electrically adjustable heights and a variety of widths and depths are achievable in most stations….

We have a lot of experience in the production of welding screens to protect personnel from the ultraviolet light emitted during the welding process. Screens which we produce are available in modular designs, therefore can accommodate any future alterations you wish to make to your layout.

In addition to manufacturing, we also provide professional advice on all aspects from product development and design, to specific application. We provide custom production and processing services. Our existing clients can testify the M&K Services is dedicated to total service in today’s competitive market place.

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