Sparks from a welder A set of stairs with A close up of some material handling equiptment M and K Van transporting a set of outdoor/indoor use access steps A close up some yellow safety barriers


We've built our company based on a commitment to quality products and excellent customer care, with a personalised service which delivers consistently high standards. Find out more »

M&K provide a complete service, from custom design and protoyping, to manufacture, installation and maintenance. Find out more »

Our experienced team of designers can always be relied upon come up with an effective solution to you material handling problems. Find out more »

From lightweight to heavy duty, M&K can work with a variety of materials to suit any application. Find out more »

Safety is paramount in any industry and our skilled craftsmen can provide you with a range of products to make your workplace safe and secure. Find out more »


From feature staircases and furniture to industrial storage and customer built workstations, M&K Services have the ability to provide quality products to suit all your manufacturing requirements.

Have a look at our range of services below, or contact us to discuss your individual project needs.

M&K Van transporting a set of outdoor/indoor use access steps

Access Steps

M&K Services are able to manufacture bespoke access steps to suit your requirements, ranging from mobile access steps to floor fixed options…

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A set of indoor stairs with a finely crafted metal and wooden hand rail.

Architectural Metalwork

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of steel engineering in both the commercially and domestically…

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The inside of a custom drug cabinet

Drugs Cabinets

High specification security cabinets and steel enclosures for the Health and Pharmaceutical industry have become a niche for M&K…

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A close up of bright yellow metal railings

Industrial Fabrication

M&K Services has built up an impressive reputation over the last 10 years for delivering consistently high standards of work, both on time and at competitive prices…

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Material Handling

M&K Services understands the importance to the customer, of having the ability to move and store goods safely and efficiently…

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Close up of a yellow safety barrier

Safety Barriers

An integral part of any professional manufacturing facility, heavy duty safety barriers provide a safeguard for both staff and equipment…

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A blue safety screen around a work station

Screens and Workstations

M&K Services can offer an excellent range of standard workstation configurations, however we understand that not every company works in the same way, therefore we can also design, manufacture, and install custom built workstations that have the potential to push your facility to the next level of efficiency…

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A close up of some storage boxes


M&K Services can produce a wide range of bespoke products to solve a wide variety of storage problems in the industrial and commercial sectors…

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A close up of the inside of a tool container, showing some welding tools

Tool Storage

We produce durable tool storage cabinets and chests which are designed to withstand an industrial environment…

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