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New Office

M&K Services has expanded recently taking on new employees; this meant we had outgrown the available working space. The office has new Hi-Tech facilities and the available space has increased 5 fold. This allows for better working conditions and a new meeting area.

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SolidWorks CAD Package

orientation 3

M&K Services has recently invested in SolidWorks 3D Design Software to be able to provide new design services. As a partner to this software SolidWorks has eDrawings which is of great use to M&K as it is free software so we can get Customers to install it on their computers and enable sharing of 3D Drawing Data where they can rotate and explode animate and measure the data to make sure it meets there exacting standards.

SolidWorks has enabled M&K to improve accuracy and reduce the complexity of prototyping the solutions to problems.

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Tube Bending Machine

M&K Services has recently invested in an Ercolinea TB76 Rotary Draw Tube and Pipe Bender. The Bending Machine has greatly increased the flexibility efficiency, speed, that we can Design Prototype and   Manufacture Innovative new products. We have a wide range of tooling to suite different diameters of tube and can work with a variety of new materials including; Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum of many different grades. The machine can work with up to 70mm diameter up to 180 degrees, with touch screen and pedal controls. The machine has a programmable memory capable of storing 9 programs with 30 bends in each program and the spring back associated with each bend.

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Welcome to the new M&K website!

M&K Services are proud to be able to launch their new website. As the company has grown and evolved over the years, we felt it was time to update our profile in line with our ever strengthening team.

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M&K Innovations

An image from the solidworks program

Here at M&K we have always had our eye on the creative side of things. We are proud of the quality of our work, no matter what the product is. However, when we get involved with any of our clients businesses, we really do bring another perspective to things. We look to bring a new dimension to all manner of logistic and production problems. This innovation is something we have decided to expand on with the advent of a new company, M&K Innovations. We are in the process of interviewing for a new graduate design engineer who will be able to focus on giving clients our full attention, when it comes to creative ideas.

Primarily, our new designer will be working with clients, creating designs for their products in our ‘Solid Works’ program. The program allows 360 degree views of 3-D illustrations drawn to scale, including moving parts if the product requires them. We have already held meetings with a select group of interested clients and delegates from Sunderland University about our plans and will be bringing you up to date on a regular basis with developments as they occur.

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New Rufus Reception Desk

The new Rufus Reception desk

We have just completed the installation of the new Rufus Design reception desk. The desk takes pride of place in the spacious reception area. Spanning over 7 metres on a 6 metre radius arc, we worked with the designers at Rufus to create the 2 station focal point. Built in sections enabling on site assembly in the Wylam Wharf, Sunderland office, the powder coated steel framed desk also features interchangeable graphics panels.

Managing Director, Ian Wright said,

“I’m delighted with our new reception desk, Maurice has taken our idea and turned it into reality. Our clients have been really impressed when they have visited our offices and seen what we’ve done. We have some real talking points down here including an original 1962 Vespa, in orange of course. The reception desk carries on the tradition of creating memorable talking points for any visitors we have.”

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