Sparks from a welder A set of stairs with A close up of some material handling equiptment M and K Van transporting a set of outdoor/indoor use access steps A close up some yellow safety barriers


Over the past 15 years a highly skilled team of designers and manufacturers at M&K Services have amassed a reputation  for quality work, enabling businesses throughout the North East to realise innovative engineering solutions for logistical obstacles.

A drawing of machine components done is solidworks
  • A drawing of a cog done is solidworks
  • A model of machine components done is solidworks

M&K Services is an innovative, fabrication company; we do not have a number of set products, or provide a single service, in fact when it comes to listing the services and products we provide, they range from anything such as vender managing to the manufacture of bespoke tool cabinets. Fundamentally we can design and engineer any steel based structure or product which your company may require, as well as carrying out any maintenance or refurbishments on it. However specialised or unique your manufacturing requirement, you can rely on us to develop a cost effective solution that matches your needs.

We are a family run business, with all of the qualities you would expect. With M&K Services, you are always guaranteed excellent service and outstanding customer care. Our staff base consists of personnel who have spent a lifetime in the engineering business. Experience has contributed to our exceptional understanding of the trade, with this knowledge we can provide services and advice, such as vender managing and innovative design work, which would be priceless to your business.



New Office

M&K Services has expanded recently taking on new employees; this meant we had outgrown the available working space. The office has new Hi-Tech facilities an

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SolidWorks CAD Package

M&K Services has recently invested in SolidWorks 3D Design Software to be able to provide new design services. As a partner to this software

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Tube Bending Machine

M&K Services has recently invested in an Ercolinea TB76 Rotary Draw Tube and Pipe Bender. The Bending Machine has greatly increased the flexibility e

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